Quantifying Your Talent and Potential

Clarity Works Consultants use five assessments to maximize our coaching and consulting services.

DISC Profile Assessments

DISC is widely considered one of the best profile assessments for businesses. Clarity Works uses DISC profile assessments to facilitate better communication and understanding between employees and managers and build better working relationships among coworkers.

Many businesses use DISC to assess how new employees will fit into their business culture or team. Clarity Works can help you use the information from DISC to help new hires integrate into your existing team quickly. The information you gather from DISC assessments can also help you tailor your orientation and training content, so new employees get the most out of the process.

The DISC profiles offer valuable information for team building and improving working relationships. Clarity Works can help you use the results of the DISC assessments to avoid personality clashes that may negatively impact group performance and workplace dynamics. We help you build teams that work well together to enhance productivity and results.

Clarity Works helps supervisors, managers, and business owners use DISC assessments to customize their motivational processes. When you understand your employees’ personality traits, you can create appropriate goals that they will be motivated to achieve.

There are countless advantages to the DISC assessment. However, an assessment tool is not helpful if it does not lead to growth and transformation. DISC is easy to understand, memorable, and includes practical follow-up tools and action plans to continue the learning process and facilitate growth.

Driving Forces Assessment

Clarity Works Consultants use the Driving Forces assessment to discern WHY people do what they do. This assessment will help you understand what motivates your employees to do (or not do) things.

Identifying these critical values and motivators is valuable for employees, supervisors, and business owners because it reveals how individuals view the world and seek fulfillment. Driving Forces helps uncover what makes individuals productive, satisfied, and successful. It also explains how people perceive themselves and others.

Combining the DISC and Driving Forces assessments gives business owners and managers insight into how and why employees do what they do. This information helps create a healthy, productive work environment.

Competencies Assessment

Competency mapping and assessments measure the skills and knowledge required for a job. It is critical to determine whether new hires possess the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to excel in your business.

Having under-trained or unqualified employees is financially costly. If not addressed, it can become detrimental to the work environment and overall morale. Clarity Works Consultants use competency tests to help you hire the right people the first time, retain high-quality employees, and move people into the best positions within your business.

Emotional Quotient Assessment

Emotional Quotient (EQ) assessments measure an individual’s emotional intelligence, or their capacity to recognize, process, and regulate emotional information accurately, both internally and in others. Emotional intelligence allows people to understand their own emotions and the emotions of those around them.

Employees with higher emotional quotients are better equipped to work in teams, manage stress better, and respond better to change. As a result, they can pursue business objectives more efficiently and healthily.

Leaders and managers with higher emotional intelligence are less likely to be confrontational, aggressive, or make rash decisions. They can control their emotions and actions. Emotional intelligence also allows people to be more resilient in the face of adversity.

Clarity Works uses Emotional Quotient assessments to gather information about the overall health and emotional intelligence of your employees. Unlike IQ, which is relatively fixed, emotional intelligence is dynamic; people can develop better emotional intelligence.

Creating strategies to improve the emotional quotient of employees increases personal happiness, improves team dynamics, and elevates overall success on an individual and business level. Improving emotional intelligence boosts communication skills and is a critical part of developing healthy relationships.

EQ is an essential part of developing a healthy business, particularly for employees who interact directly with customers and who work in team contexts.

Clarity Works helps you assess your employee’s emotional quotient and implement a plan to provide resources and training to improve your employee’s EQ.

Our emotional quotient training is so effective that it transforms how participants interact with coworkers and customers. Many people even take what they are learning home to improve their relationships with their spouses, children, and friends!

360 Feedback

The 360 Feedback assessment is a strategic tool for employee development and organizational growth. It helps you systematically collect feedback about an employee’s performance from their peers, direct reports, their supervisor, and people outside the organization (like customers). Ideally, the feedback will come from every angle and paint a full picture of an employee’s performance, growth, and potential.

The purpose of the 360 Feedback assessment is to help each employee and team understand their strengths, weaknesses, and areas in which they need professional development.

Clarity Works helps you use the information in the 360 Feedback to create personalized employee and team development plans that include short and long term goals. Your company can then offer specific resources to help your employees meet their goals.

Clarity Works will help you develop the right employee training, which might include workshops, conferences, classes, coaching, or mentoring programs. Creating a definite plan for employee development leads to increased motivation and overall career satisfaction.

Using 360 Feedback assessments creates a healthy culture where people can offer useful feedback, and organizations can put that information to good use. Clarity Works will help you implement the 360 Feedback in a way that builds a culture of trust, accountability, and fairness within your business.

You will be able to identify and develop talented employees and potential leaders within your organization. This can lead to employees acquiring new skills, receiving cross-training in other areas, or moving to higher positions within the company. All these developments strengthen your team, give your company a competitive advantage, and boost retention.