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Keynotes and Meetings

Kathleen Rich-New
As professional consultants who are also professional speakers, we deliver the message to your audience on your terms.

In addition to delivering an informative, educational, and entertaining speech, we assist you or your meeting planner in creating excitement about your event through pre-event marketing, topic surveys, and by developing a relationship with audience members through telephone and e-mail contact.

We are available to speak on a variety of business topics such as:

            • Leadership
            • Motivation
            • Change
            • Innovation
            • Personal Growth
            • Service Excellence.


Our recent engagements include:

  • "Why Traditional Problem Solving is Wrong for Your Organization" - keynote speech - American Society for Quality. Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • "Gee, How you've Changed since I've Changed" - six keynote speeches - Prairie View Food for Thought Series. Wichita, Kansas
  • "Fanning the Flames of Involvement" - A two part breakout session for the Community Leadership Association National Conference. Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • "Create a Decisive Advantage Over Your Competition" keynote speech - South Brevard Business Conference of the Melbourne - Palm Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
  • "There Is No Such Thing As Happy Customers And Unhappy Employees" - Business Seminar for Melbourne - Palm Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. South Brevard Business Conference

"Thank you so much for affording our ASQ Membership the opportunity of hearing first hand about the successes of the Appreciative Inquiry Process. Your presentation was excellent and thought provoking,"

- Ron Lang, American Society for Quality, Cape Canaveral


"When I booked you for our Prairie View Food for Thought, six-city lecture series, I did not realize how much value you would bring to our attendees in both their business and personal lives. Thank you so much! "

- David H. Gear, MHS, Director of Education, Prairie View, Inc.









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