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Raving Fans of "Looking for the Good Stuff "

< Kathleen is with Jack Canfield - co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

Bob is with Gregory Godek - author "1001 Ways to be Romantic" >

They loved it and you will too!




Each year we give a resource book to our 140+ "Ready to Learn" coordinators.  This year we chose Looking for the Good Stuff to honor them and remind them that they do make a difference.  I am so glad i found your book and that I was able to share it with our group.  Thank you...

ANDREA GRIMALDI, Training Manager, Public Broadcasting System


Bob and Kathleen have created a unique balance of fun and seriousness. Looking for the Good Stuff works for me!

GREG GODEK, Author- "1001 Ways to be Romantic"

This book is a diamond. The authors even invite you to quote from it and share with others and Looking for the Good Stuff is well worth quoting.

DAVID RINGE, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Much more than just a feel good book... Each page is a lesson from life that makes you say, "Hmm... there's something to think about." As minister, I am constantly looking for 'good stuff' to include in my Sunday lesson. I often find the inspiration for a whole series of lessons in this great little book.

REVEREND BETH HEAD - Unity Church of Melbourne

As a working, single parent, I often lose sight of the good stuff in my life. Now when that happens, I read a few pages of LFTGS and it really turns my world around. I can go to sleep actually looking forward to another day of good stuff.


Looking for the Good Stuff is a great, non-technical introduction to the concepts of Appreciative Inquiry.

SUE ANNIS HAMMOND - Author of The thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry

I liked it so much I bought 100 copies to give to family, friends and especially to my clients.


Find out what works and figure out how to do more of it…

That is the basic premise of Appreciative Inquiry, an organizational development approach used around the world by businesses and non-profits, community developers and emerging nations, churches and the military.

In Looking for the Good Stuff, experienced O.D. consultant, Bob New and strategic life coach, Kathleen Rich-New, apply this powerful tool to your personal life. In a series of engaging anecdotes and memorable quotes, they demonstrate how the principles and assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry can change your life.

About the Authors
With experiences covering the spectrum from hard-nosed MBA programs to the fast pace of a Silicon Valley start-up, to spiritual studies in Bali, Kathleen Rich-New and Bob New bring a unique blend of practical experience and clarity of focus to their writing, speaking and consulting.

They each have over 25 years of experience in corporate management with companies including Apple Computer, GTE (now Verizon) Nortel, SGI and IBM.

In 2002, Kathleen was a facilitator for "Listening to the City," a 5,000 person town hall meeting in NYC using Appreciative Inquiry to get feedback on the rebuilding and memorial at Ground Zero. At GTE, Bob was on the core team to introduce Appreciative Inquiry to 64,000 front line employees. Over 10,000 innovations were attributed to their efforts.

$15 per copy - we will sign them if you like... Order below...


  • - Five Stars!
    Looking for the Good Stuff, June 4, 2003

    Reviewer: Lisa Dinga, OD Consultant, St Louis, MO

    "What was the best thing that happened to you today?" Looking for the Good Stuff encourages its readers to look for the best in every situation using Appreciative Inquiry. In this book you will learn the principles and assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry, a strength-based organizational development method developed by Dr. David Cooperrider of Case Western Reserve University.

    Looking for the Good Stuff scatters wonderful, inspirational quotes throughout the book along with "real life" success stories of people who choose to look for the good stuff. This book is a great way to learn the foundation of Appreciative Inquiry while discovering how you can apply it to your life and enhance all of your good stuff.

I recommend this book to everyone. It will appeal to corporate executives who want to lead by example, to staff members who want to build a positive team environment, to family members who want to provide a positive, encouraging family environment for their children. Teens will find the book inspirational and will pick it up over and over (as my 15 years old son is doing).

It makes a great gift for anyone who is important to you and who you value as being part of "your good stuff." Thank you Bob & Kathleen for reminding us to look for the good stuff in our lives.

Looking for the Good Stuff $15.00

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