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Books and Articles

Find out what works and figure out how to do more of it…

That is the basic premise of Appreciative Inquiry, an organizational development approach used around the world by businesses and non-profits, community developers and emerging nations, churches and the military. In Looking for the Good Stuff, experienced O.D. consultants, Bob New and Kathleen Rich-New, apply this powerful tool to your personal life. In a series of engaging anecdotes and memorable quotes, they demonstrate how the principles and assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry can change your life. Find out more and order...

Special Report on Appreciative Inquiry Results

Asking the right questions is critical to solving problems. As business leaders, you spend your day solving problems by asking questions. But, you may be seeking the answers to the wrong question because you have been trained in traditional problem solving methods.

Traditional problem solving teaches us to find the cause of the problem and make a diagnosis. We produce page after page of what is wrong, often finding fault and placing blame along the way. Focusing on what is wrong with the organization does not lead to increased cooperation or innovation.

Focusing on what works is the core of Appreciative Inquiry (Ai), we call it "Looking for the Good Stuff".

In July 2002, just 10 months after the attack on the World trade Center, five thousand residents of lower Manhattan met at the Jacob Javits Center to express their opinions on the re-building and a suitable memorial to be placed at the site. Kathleen was one of the facilitators selected by the organizers, "Listening to the City". They were looking specifically for facilitators with skills in Appreciative Inquiry. This is the story of that meeting.

Give any MBA or business school graduate a case study and they will come back to you with a 20 page analysis of what is WRONG with the organization. That is the classical or traditional problem-solving approach. What if there is a better way? Read all about it in: "Traditional Problem Solving versus Appreciative Inquiry".

Human Resources Articles by Kathleen Rich-New

These are scans of articles published  in Space Coast Business and other magazines. All are the copyright property of Kathleen Rich-New. (These are .pdf files and may take a few seconds to load.)


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Recommended Reading

Here are some of our favorite books for personal and professional development. Please send your recommendations for this list attention Recommended Reading


Book Review -

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry


Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten-Bloom

"FIVE STARS" - A Must for any Practitioner's Library
Reviewer: Bob New, Clarity Works!

This book is a must for any OD practitioner’s library, as a matter of fact, buy two because you will want one to refer to while your associates are reading the other one. This book is spot-on as the definitive work on Appreciative Inquiry. Whenever I mention Appreciative Inquiry to a client, the first question is "What is it?" This book tells you ... The next question will inevitably be, "How do you do it?"
This book tells you...

Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten-Bloom have done a superb job of presenting a very high level of informational content, logically organized, and well documented with cases and vignettes. What sets this book apart from many other works on the subject, however, is its readability. They have successfully skirted the academic language that has detracted from other works. Buy it! Use it! Enjoy it!









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